Meeting scene A-7 1st day

In the afternoon on 28th August, symposium of A-7 for next generation of fuel cell science was organized. The large room fully occupied on this date. So many participants wanted to listen the hot talk by active scientists.

1st Phot displays the lecture scene by Professor Ishihara who is authority in solid oxide fuel cell science. 2nd one shows lecture scene of Professor Nagao (Nagoya University) who discovered unique direct biomas fuel cell devices.

Also, Professor Kondo (University of Tsukuba) introduced his famous work for non-precious metal. Those invited talks paid high level attention in our symposium.

2nd day of our symposium will be started from 9 am in the South Wing room 21 of Yoshida Campus.

Look forward to seeing you in there.

Invited lecture scene by Professor Ishihara




Invited lecture scene by Professor Nagao