Symposium C-2: Structure and physical properties of polymers in confined systems

The symposium C-2 started from the afternoon of August 28.  Starting from the brief introduction of scope of this symposium by organizer, we had one contributed talk and 7 invited talks regarding the dynamics of polymer chain in polymer thin films,  the microdomain structure control of block copolymers,  the structure and electronic  properties of organic thin films, and advanced multiscale simulation of polymeric solids.  We have more than 50 participants and very active discussions throughout this afternoon. We also have poster session in the evening.  30 poster papers were presented and active discussion was continued around 8pm. .  Symposium organizers  will select two ACS Langmuir Poster Awards  and one RSC Soft Matter Poster Award.  The C-2 symposium will continue until the afternoon August 30.  (by K. Kojio and A. Takahara)

Invited talk by Prof. Opelia K. C. Tsui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)