Symposium B-3: Organic and Molecular Electronics

Symposium B-3: Organic and Molecular Electronics Invited talks and poster presentations for an award.

We had three invited talks and three contributing presentations on the first day of the conference. About thirty researchers joined the session. Toshinari Matsushima from Kyushu University reported organic-inorganic perovskite materials as the semiconductor in field-effect transistors showing excellent carrier transport. Matsushima and co-authors demonstrate a record hole mobility of up to 15 cm2 V-1 s-1 at room temperature along with negligible hysteresis and good bias stability in p-channel transistors with a spin-coated semiconductor of the perovskite (C6H5C2H4NH3)2SnI4 by solving the aforementioned issues through surface treatment of the substrate with a self-assembled monolayer containing ammonium iodide terminal groups in combination with the adoption of atop-contact/top-gate structure with MoOx hole injection layers. Masatoshi Sakai proposed solvent-free printing. Hisao Ishii reported precise measurement of electronic structures. Poster session was also held. Many students reported their study with a great vitality.

Prof. Matsushima giving an invited talk.