Symposium A-5: Session SULPHIDES / Aug. 28

Chairmans : David Berthebaud and Kanishka Biswas.

The sulphide session was opened by invited speakers Dr. Emmanuel Guilmeau from CNRS CRISMAT, Caen, France on new complex sulphides. He presented latest development on advanced synthesis and characterization of p-type sulphides in his group. These results included original characterization of this material through Mossbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction. He was followed by another invited talk from Pr. Anthony Powell, Reading University, UK, who as well presented interesting development on sulphides materials. Those both talks showed that this field is very active. Third invited talk of this session was Pr. Kanishka Biswas from JNCASR Bangalore; his talk showed latest results and comprehensive study of chalcogenides materials with ultra-low thermal conductivity. Four more contributed talks followed this introduction by invited speakers. Dr. Tristan Barbier from CRISMAT, presented new synthesis method to produce pure cubanite, a copper-based mineral sulphide through microwave irradiation. This technic allows synthesis of homogenous sample in less than a minute. It was followed by a talk of Dr. Hongyao XIE from Wuhan University who also presented original synthesis method to produce copper based sulphide materials. He successfully synthesized chalcopyrite through rapid thermal expansion. An additional talk from Wuhan University was given by Dr. Dongwang YANG on the synthesis and thermoelectric properties of dicopper chalcogenides. Finally, the last talk before closing this interesting session was given by Dr. Hiroki NAGAI from Tohoku University who presented his work on the exploration of new sulphide compounds know as olivine-sulfides.