Symposium A-3:Session Pinning III , August 29th

-Talk 1 A3-129-005 by G. Celentano (invited)

PLD YBCO thin films with improved pinning by doping tamtalates and niobates (BaYTaO6 and BYNnO6) in extended temperature and high H field via double perovskite (sponsored  by Euro tapes and Euro fusion programs)

Several doping schemes of single and double APCs were explored and the superconducting properties, especially Jc were compared.

For example, three specific schemes were compared:

  1. BYTO at 5 at%, d=8nm), 1D(5nm, H*~5.2 T) +2D(stacking faults?)
  2. 5at%+BYTO2.5at% (d=8nm), 1D(5nm, H*~5.2 T) +2D(stacking faults?)-best Jc-H in few-10T, still see both Jc peaks at both H//c, and ab
  3. 5at%+BYTO2.5at%+3.75at% Y2O3, 1D(10 nm, H*~1.9 T), many 3D

Also, varied the PLD repetition rates were explored: from 1Hz (12 nm, 1.1T) to 5Hz (7nm, H*~2T), to 10 Hz (5nm, 5.2 T)

-Talk 2 A3-129-006 by L. Civale for B. Bairov (invited)

Talk’s primary focus was on the Rho and Jc measurements in pulsed H field at LANL, which has facility that  can reach 65T up to 100 T ( as a part of the Nat. High Mag. Field Lab) in few to tens of ms time frame  in He4 and He3.  Measurement can be operated at fixed theta, pulsed H at different Ts, or fixed T, pulsed field at different theta’s

Measurement on iron-based supercond, two band model SUST 2014, 27 by Maiorov. Mele, et al and on the YBCO with DD (similar to the N Mat. Paper in 2011), BZO NPs in CSD film increases the B_irr significantly

-Talk 3 A3-129-007 by T. Izumi (invited)

Control in-field performance by modifying microstructure in cc, 1D, 2D and 3D APCs, morphologies depending on the process (PLD, MOD, MOCVD), conditions (T, PO2, composition)and materials of APCs.

In situ method PLD-1D APCs, while ex situ one CSD, 3D APCs of the same dopants (BZO)

Super saturation at the synthesis temperature leads to formation of  BZO NPs in CSD process. PLD multilayer growth to generate layered (2D) APCs in ab-plane (BHO) in BHO/GdBCO (Yoshida), by spinning thinner precursor (30 nm) vs old 170 nm, found smaller BZO NPs ~ 10-12nm, in contrast to 16 nm, radius of NP lambda=2D/V, V-growth velocity, D-diffusion speed.