Symposium D-2 : Eco-product session

The symposium D-2 oral session started from August 30. The organizer (Prof. Toshihiro OKABE) introduced significance of this  symposium. There has been a strong demand for environmentally friendly product in the globe. This session aim to promote environmentally friendly products.

In the morning on August 31(2nd day), we had 3 oral papers and 2 invited lectures. In invited lectures,Tongxiang FAN of School of Materials Science and Engineering ,Shanghai Jiaotong University, “R&D of wood ceramics and porous carbon in China”. In China,18 universities and 1 institute are researching in these grounds. He introduced the characteristics of research about 7 universities and 1 institute.

Kanehiko UTSUNO of Jingushicho explained about the sanctuary reconstruction in the Shikinen Sengu of Ise Jingu. He introduced the history, the method of reconstruction, the reuse of old wooden building materials, the prevention of corrosion and the lasting for  wooden building materials and saw grass in the Shikinen Sengu.

In the afternoon, we had the poster session. 21poster papers were presented with active discussion and question and answer.(4 poster papers presented on August 29).