Symposium:B-6 Aug.29

Advances in Functions and Reliability of Ceramics and Glasses Based on Structural Formation

Solid oxide fuel cell, environmental purification filters, wind power generation and solar cells are promising advanced systems to make a contribution to energy and environmental issues. In these systems, advanced ceramics and glasses are quite important as key materials, and further improvement of the materials functions and reliability is needed. This session was planned to discuss various possibilities for the sudden rise in advanced ceramics and glasses extensively from the viewpoint of structural formation.

This session was held from Aug. 28(MON) to Aug. 30(WED), 2017, in Kyoto Univ. and had 10 invited talks, 13 oral presentations, and 24 poster presentations. The speakers came from China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand,Mexico and Japan. There were 20 or more attendees gave enthusiastic discussion for each oral presentation from various point of view (Fig.1). Especially, on the 2nd day, Prof. Soo Wohn Lee, President of IUMRS participated this session all day and gave his comments to many presentations (Fig.2).

To advance our friendship between the speakers in this session, we went for dinner as the session banquet in the evening of the 2nd day. We enjoyed Japanese Sake and fish Hamo (Conger myriaster) in a traditional restaurant, and have a good time to know each other. We promised to meet again in the next conference when we went back our accommodations.

Finally, all the organizers greatly expressed their gratitude to all speakers of this session, and also organizing committees of IUMRS-ICAM2017.


Fig.1 Group Photo of B-6 session after the 1st day.

Fig.2 Group Photo of B-6 session after the 2nd day.