Active discussions were done in the B-6 poster session on Aug.30 (WED)

This session was planned to discuss various possibilities for the sudden rise in advanced ceramics and glasses extensively from the viewpoint of structural formation.
We had 10 invited talks, 13 oral presentations, and 24 poster presentations. The speakers came from China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico and Japan. On the 1st day evening and the 3rd day afternoon, we had poster session. Young students and middle-aged experts (professors, research experts) were mixed there and enjoyed their discussions. Some photos are shown below.
Finally, all the organizers greatly expressed their gratitude to all poster presenters of this session, and also organizing committees of IUMRS-ICAM2017.

Fig.1 Group Photo of Mexico attendees.







 Fig.2 Poster presenter from Taiwan.







Fig.3 Poster presenter from Taiwan.