A6: Forefront of the functional development of strongly correlated materials

Talk by Prof. Anil P S KUMAR (MRS India)

Granularity controlled topological phase

Prof. Anil P S KUMAR from Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, delivered a review talk for granular topological insulators. In this symposium, a focused session for topological materials was arranged inside and Prof. Xi Dai from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science shortly reviewed the progress of research of topological materials, followed by several invited talks for theoretical and experimental studies. The topological material is expected to be useful in technologies especially for quantum computing and highly sensitive magnetic sensors, although it has not been practical for many years. However, recent progress of materials development of topological insulator makes the situation changed. In the early generation of topological materials nearly massless and very fast electrons run only on the surfaces and edges of materials; however, recent topological materials show unique and useful transport properties of bulk, suggesting increasing possibilities for applications. In this session, audiences reviewed recent progress of theoretical and experimental studies of topological materials.