Symposium B-4: Congratulations on winning the Langmuir Award and Soft Matter Award!!

In our symposium, active researchers in soft matter science have gotten together from all over the world (more than 10 countries) and have made active discussion of the up-to-date results on soft matter science. “Langmuir Award” and “Soft Matter Award” were provided to our symposium by courtesy of the ACS publications and Royal Society for Chemistry. The presentations made by young researchers were judged by the aid of invited speakers of our symposium and the symposium organizers have elected the five award winners. The winners are listed as below:

Langmuir Award

B4-P29-009 Yuki OHARA (University of Hyogo, Japan)

“Incorporation of and release behavior of guest molecules by pH-responsive polyion complex vesicles”

B4-P29-021 Ko MATSUKAWA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

“Preparation of hydrogel which has comb-type polymer network only in the surface region”

Soft Matter Award

B4-O29-012 NienTing HSIEH (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan)

“Molecular design of a dual-functional quaternary amine copolymer for bacterial reversible self-cleaning control via zwitterionic counterion activation”

B4-P29-003 Nozomi ARAI (Kyoto University, Japan)

“Direct observation and modeling of attachment behavior of colloid particles on a bubble surface”

B4-P29-005 Yoji YAMASHITA (Osaka City University, Japan)

“Synthesis of curable hyperbranched polymers containing dense degradable groups and their application to degradable cured materials”


Group photo of the B-4 Symposium.

Mr. Nozomi ARAI (Kyoto University), the winner of the Soft Matter Award